Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive!
True stories from a curious traveler


LKEA-cover-thumbWhat happens when a practical midwestern gal sets off to explore the world? Laurie McAndish King’s travels seem innocent in the planning stage, but surprising adventure follows as she finds herself…

  • Accidentally marrying a Maasai warrior in Kenya.
  • Tracking lions — on foot — without a gun in Botswana.
  • Attempting to eat a horse in southern Italy.
  • Sampling the world’s most expensive coffee — which is brewed from the excrement of a small mammal in Bali.

Whether she is lost in Melbourne, kidnapped in the Tunisian desert, or eaten alive by the blood-sucking denizens of tropical north Queensland, King’s stories — quirky, poignant, occasionally unsettling, and often funny — are inspiring and entertaining.

But don’t take her word for it: King’s first full-length travel memoir has garnered plenty of praise from reviewers, readers, and writers. You can purchase Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive! from these booksellers:

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Other Books

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Laurie’s writing has appeared in travel anthologies published by Lonely Planet, Travelers’ Tales, Wanderland Writers, and others:

        • Wandering in Andalusia: The Soul of Southern Spain (Wanderland Writers, 2016)
        • Wandering in Cornwall: Mystery, Myth and Transformation in the Land of Ancient Celts (Wanderland Writers, 2015)
        • Wandering in Paris: Luminaries and Love in the City of Light (Wanderland Writers, 2013)
        • Travel Stories from Around the Globe (Bay Area Travel Writers, 2012)
        • Wandering in Bali: A Tropical Paradise Discovered (Wanderland Writers, 2012)
        • Animal Addict’s Guide to Global Volunteer Travel (Dog’s Eye View Media, 2011)
        • Wandering in Costa Rica: Landscapes Lost and Found (Wanderland Writers, 2010)
        • The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2009 (Travelers’ Tales, 2009)
        • Venturing in Italy: Travels in Puglia, Land Between Two Seas (Travelers’ Tales, 2008)
        • Venturing in Ireland: Quest for the Modern Celtic Soul (Travelers’ Tales, 2007)
        • 30 Days in Italy: True Stories of Escape to the Good Life (Travelers’ Tales, 2006)
        • The Thong Also Rises (Travelers’ Tales, 2005)

“At a Crossroads,” about being kidnapped in Tunisia, was included in Lonely Planet’s anthology,

The Kindness of Strangers

      , edited by Don George. Other contributors include Jan Morris, Simon Winchester, Pico Iyer, and Tim Cahill.

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