Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive!
True stories from a curious traveler

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Lost Kidnapped Eaten Alive!
“King brings uncommon heart and soul to her travel stories. From start to finish, it’s a rollicking ride.”
 —Michael Shapiro, Author,
A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About
Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration
“An engaging, meticulously observed journey that brings other cultures alive.”
Kirkus Reviews
“If I were going to be eaten alive (or lost, or kidnapped), I’d prefer to be in the company of Laurie—I’d be laughing out loud as the anaconda swallowed me—and learning fascinating facts about its digestive process…”
Jeff Greenwald, Author,
Shopping for Buddhas and The Size of the World

What happens when a practical midwestern gal
sets off to explore the world?

Laurie McAndish King’s travels seem innocent in the planning stage, but surprising adventure follows as she finds herself tracking lions on foot and without a gun in Botswana … attempting to eat a horse in southern Italy … searching for an ancient Celtic goddess in Ireland … accidentally marrying a Maasai warrior in Kenya … and sampling the world’s most expensive coffee—brewed from the excrement of a small Balinese mammal.

Whether she is lost in downtown Melbourne, kidnapped in the scorching Tunisian desert, or eaten alive by the blood-sucking denizens of tropical north Queensland, King’s stories—quirky, poignant, occasionally unsettling, and often funny—are inspiring and entertaining.

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